Download the publications of your choice automatically.

iSquare ePaper Manager (IEM) places your publications as a PDF or image at your fingertips.

Customize your portfolio from our pool of over 10,000 international publications.

Need a different one? No problem! We will include it for you.


IEM downloads your publications when you want and as often as you want. It works 24/7/365 and will not stop until the download is complete and verified.


IEM works quietly and faithfully in the background. Its user interface lets you keep a close watch over your publications’ download status.


Using your account data, we set up IEM for you so that it automatically picks up the relevant PDFs and delivers it to you.

Who is already using IEM?

IEM’s satisfied clients include the German National Library, the German Federal Press Office, and many international media monitoring providers in Germany, France, Austria, and the UK – reliably since 2010.

Good to know

Can I try IEM out?


Yes, you can! We can set up and provide a trial version for you. Interested?

What does IEM cost?


We bill you based on the total number of correctly downloaded e-papers. The costs vary for daily, weekly, and monthly publications. We will make you a personalized offer.

Does Outermedia sell the publications?


No. We download the titles in your name using your account data from the publishers’ websites. The downloaded publication is then available exclusively for you.

Which titles are available?


As of now, we have pre-configured over 10,000 international publications. These include daily, weekly, and monthly newspapers, magazines, and so on. Do you need a title that isn’t on the list? No problem! We’ll gladly set it up for you.

What do I need to provide?


You give us a list of the publications that you want IEM to deliver to you. To complete the setup, we need the name, ID, and account for each publication.

How do I get the PDFs?


We will provide you with a REST interface or upload the PDFs to your FTP or Cloud storage. Optionally we will send you a push notification whenever a new PDF is available through IEM.

How do I keep track of everything in IEM?


IEM comes with its own user interface. Using it, you can keep track of the download status, export settings, and much more. You can also adjust your settings as you like. IEM supports manual downloads, too.

What happens if a publisher’s website changes or I need to add a new title?


You can use our ticket system or send us an e-mail to quickly contact us. We then adjust IEM to work as you need.

What if the publisher doesn’t provide my title in PDF format?


No problem. The publication source doesn’t have to be a PDF on a “classic” website.

Are FTP sources also supported?


Yes, IEM can also access FTP servers. Additionally, it works with screenshots.

Can I get customer support when I have questions and other issues?


We have a dedicated support team to help you when you need it with:
• adding or deleting publications and titles
• troubleshooting
• any other questions related to IEM

If a publication has a problem on any given day, such as because of a change to the website, we will process the ticket within 24 hours.

Do you have any further questions? We’d be happy to hear from you!
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